Friday, September 21, 2012

I get it from my Father...

I have an absurd love for football.
I love it so much that I often find myself watching sports center all alone late at night...who does that?

Last night was no different.

It consisted with Me, Costa Vida takeout, a giant pile of accounting books that I should have been studying, and my tv on ESPN to watch the BYU football game. After about 2 minutes it quickly consisted of Me SCREAMING at the tv, my accounting books pushed aside, oh yeah...and more of me screaming at the tv!! You see, not only do I have an absurd love for football, I also take the game very personally. I basically feel like my football teams like to get together and say "Let's make a TON of lame, inexcusable mistakes and lose this game so we can make Alex pissed off!" And after the last week of football games there must have been a lot of these meetings going on. Seriously...

As I was watching the game last night I found myself screaming things like "Are you freaking kidding me?!" followed by "Unbelievable" followed by a few choice swear words and loud clapping. All at once it hit me, and I had to slowly take a seat back on the couch...I was acting EXACTLY like my father! If you know my father, and you know how he acts during football games, you know this is scary!

I am definitely my Father's daughter in many ways, and I guess it was only a matter of time! I am known for talking some good smack talk, pushing people's buttons, and being pretty knowledgeable about the game. Let's just hope that others can see past my obnoxious football watching behavior!
You have been warned...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fat Club

Recently while at dinner with some friends from my Singles Ward they informed us that our Stake is starting up a new initiative to help combat "excessive singleness" that is going on in all of the wards. I was very intrigued by this wondering how they could possibly make the guys be
less weird...

The answer they came up with...(drum roll please)...
FAT CLUB for the girls
Of course that is not what they are really calling it, but basically that is what it is. Apparently a group of middle aged, married men got together one night and thought to themselves "Gee...I think the reason why all of these girls are still single is because they need to take better care of themselves!" What my friends were told is that girls have greasy hair, wear their sweats to everything and don't take care of themselves...hence the new Stake initiative. Apparently there will be classes taught to us each month on how to keep up our physical appearance, exercise classes, classes on how to dress,
along with classes to help us spiritually and mentally.
I just have one question for ya!


No, but seriously?! I can see how some girls were never taught this and how some girls would love to take classes like these. But honestly? Are we going to have the middle aged, frumpy wives of those who came up with this initiative teach us how to dress? That will for sure get me a date!
Also, why don't the guys have a new "initiative" going on? Classes on how to not be creepy, classes on why you can wait until AFTER church to drink your Protein Shake, classes on how to actually talk to a know the really important stuff!
(guys...before your ego is hurt, I am only speaking from experience in my current singles ward! Most of you aren't creepy...most of you! ha)

So thanks, but no thanks on the Fat Club initiative! I think my greasy hair, sweat rockin' friends are pretty awesome!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Life, Love & Instagram

My life has been pretty busy lately. Mostly busy with fun stuff, so I can't really complain! Luckily I have Instagram that helps me keep
track of everything!

There have been Sporting Events, Concerts, a trip to Lake Powell, lots of boating & babysitting a dumb dog that likes to run away! (TWICE in one is a good thing he is cute!) Trips to the State Fair, SL Farmer's Market and CRAZY bird watchers outside of my office building!

Happy Summer! ♥