Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Love & a lil' Country

There is something about the beginning of Summer that makes my heart skip a beat! Maybe it is the endorphins from all of the sun rays or maybe it is the fact that the Bachelorette is back on...either way I love Summer! It makes me want to curl up on a blanket with (insert your guy of choice here) and watch a baseball game, or watch fireworks, maybe a little star know, all the things that I never do! haha

For some reason the beginning of Summer also makes me appreciate Country Music a little bit more. I haven't really been feeling it lately, but this song right here has changed my mind!
See aren't you in love now? Luke Bryan is pretty yummy!
Happy Thursday! ♥

Friday, May 25, 2012

Give yourself some credit.

This week has been beyond stressful. I decided to take a training course through work on Accounting for Bankers, and since I didn't think Banking would be my profession while in college I didn't take any business classes, so I was the newbie! This accounting course was basically a college class slammed into 3 days with a 15 page test at the end! Studying and homework has been a foreign concept to me since graduating (3 1/2 years ago, I know I am old) so needless to say my brain still hurts.
The test was yesterday & it was really hard (oh, except for those 2 guys in my class that finished it in literally 10 minutes!) I was the 2nd to last person to finish and when I took it in to our instructor to correct I was positive I had failed! To my utter shock I actually passed with a 95 out of 100. To say I was relieved would be an understatement. I proceeded to call everyone I knew to let them know the fabulous news and no one seemed as shocked as I was...So it got me thinking.

We need to stop every now and again and give ourselves some credit!

I definitely struggle with this! I push myself to limits on everything I do, almost always stressing myself out over nothing! I automatically assume the worst, when in all actuality I should realize that I am a strong, smart, hardworking person and if I am putting forth the effort things will usually work out.
I think as Women we don't give ourselves enough credit! We are pretty dang awesome & can do anything we put our minds to! I hope I can be a better example of this not only to myself but to those around me, especially my little sister Grace! I see all of the struggles that girls have to face nowadays and it is so much harder than it was when I was her age! She is so beautiful and talented at everything she does, but for some reason she does not believe it and it breaks my heart! I hope she will realize her strength and beauty and that she can be confident in herself and know that she can accomplish anything she sets out to do!

So to all of you BEAUTIFUL women out there, give your self a pat on the back! I think you are amazing and I hope you see it too! ♥

Thursday, May 10, 2012

my iPhone needs a vacation too!

Get ready for an excruciating amount of pictures...but this is really the only way to describe what my life has been like for the last couple of months! It started with the Lockout, was filled with lots of junk food, cold weather, LONG nights, Disney On Ice, free concerts while working, and lots of random Players, Court & Crew shots! Enjoy!






 Now it is time for 8 hour work days instead of 15, weekends free and go to bed at a decent hour kind of nights! Bring on SUMMER ♥

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I think I will go shopping...

Weekend Wear Wishlist
My current obsessions consist of Cardigans, Mixing Prints, Mustaches, Nerd Glasses, and of course fun Lip Stick! So why not mix them all into one fabulous outfit? Now I think I will go shopping...I need all of this for the weekend! Who's with me? ♥

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Go Jazz Baby!

Wow I am really slacking...It has been over a week since my last blog post! I will pretend that you have missed me (even though I am sure you didn't even notice my absence! RUDE!!)

My life has been super busy lately! Between my job at Zions and working at all of the Jazz games I haven't had time for much else! And to top it all off...The Jazz made it to the Playoffs! I am actually really happy about it! Not so much about the fact that I have to work more, but I am happy for my boys! They really deserved it! This is a shout out to you Paul...I know you ♥ me deep down in your heart!

The other night after the Jazz knew they had officially made the Playoffs Enes Kanter decided to give a little speech for all of us lucky Jazz fans! Pretty sure it was my favorite moment of the entire season...Oh except for that time Paul said Hi to me in the hall...that definitely wins!
Enes Kanter you are officially my hero!