Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Inspirations

So yesterday I decided that I had avoided the new City Creek Center for long enough. Luckily I was out of town last weekend for the big Grand Opening. All of the fabulous shops are literally right outside the doors of my work, which means my shopping addiction might be out of control for a while!

Walking through all of the stores I started to see some warmer weather trends. All of the fun, bright colors and prints seem to scream SPRING TIME! Here are some of my favorite inspirations I saw yesterday...
L♥ve the reds, corals, and yellows that are in for spring! And who can pass up a heart print top?
umm...HELLO lovely anchor print pants! Not only are the style and color fabulous, but how fun would it be to mix this print into your everyday wardrobe?
This window display at the Swarovski store took my breath away! Can you say *BLING*
Michael Kors and I have a Love/Hate relationship...I Love everything he makes & I Hate how expensive it is!

I seriously can't believe that this shopping center is in Utah, it felt like I was on vacation somewhere while I was walking around! I know there will be many many more shopping days in my near future, but in the mean time I think I will sit on a bench and eat my lunch while enviously watching others buy things in Michael Kors! ♥

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Perfectly Vulnerable

I love this quote! I feel like it encompasses what it truly means to be a woman! I am the kind of girl that puts it all out there. I work hard, I love hard, and I fall hard.
"Don't let someone steal your tenderness. Don't allow the coldness and fear of others to tarnish your perfectly vulnerable beating heart." Without having an open heart, how can you experience all of the good things life has to offer? Sure a lot of the time you will get hurt, people will cut you down, and things will happen that are unfair, but if you sit back bitter & cold to the world you will surely miss out on the occasions that will make all of those hard times worth it!
Life is hard, but that is part of the journey! Make sure you enjoy it! ♥

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


As most of you know I am a HUGE sports fanatic! I live and breath for football season, and when that is over I spend all of my extra time working on the Pre, Half & Post Game shows at the Jazz games. Needless to say I am one of those girls who loves March Madness! But I am still a GIRL so this plays a huge part in how I look at my NCAA bracket! Trust me...I do look at stats and records of the teams, but it makes it so much more fun & exciting when you also use technics like favorite name, mascot and of course color!
This year without really knowing bracket was picked by color! And with my typical sports team fashion, I have stuck with the color BLUE!
There are other colors mixed in there...even a little bit of RED, but I have a strong feeling that my teams in blue are going to dominate this March! And speaking of teams in blue...HOW ABOUT THEM COUGARS! What a way to start off this madness we call March! ♥

Monday, March 12, 2012

And we're back to Monday...

Why do the weekends always go by WAY to fast? Besides it being Daylight Savings Time, this weekend was actually a really good one! It was pretty relaxing and full of random funny moments.
But most important above all...I finally pulled out the leopard print skinnies! It turned out a little bit different than I orginally had planned, but I think it still worked!
Now here is to a FABULOUS Monday! ♥

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend Wear

Weekend Wear
This weekend the weather is supposed to be pretty fabulous! It has inspired me to pull out some brighter colors along with some fun prints! Here are some of my essentials for a fun weekend outfit...

1. Denim Shirt 2. Leopard Skinnies (just bought these & am dying to wear them) 3. Black ballet flats 4. Bright patterned scarf 5. Straw Fedora hat 6. Fun sunglasses 7. Bright nail polish (orange of course, because it is my favorite color) and last but not least 8. Red lipstick! To me nothing finishes off an outfit quite like red lips! 

I have a feeling this is going to be a good weekend! ♥

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Favorites

It is FINALLY Friday! I am beyond thrilled for the weekend!
Here are some of my favorite things today...

1. Going shopping after work, and finally seeing The Vow.
Channing Tatum, you will be all mine for 2 hours tonight! 

2. When I go to bed tonight I do not have to set my alarm! Pretty sure sleeping in was the best invention ever! I definitely could use some extra zzzz's!

3. Not having to work the Jazz game tonight because the game starts so early. And I might as well add in the fact that I am also missing an entire week of having to work during Disney On Ice! 1 person can only handle so much of the constant disney music and screaming children!

4. The sun is SHINING!!! This should probably be #1 since nothing makes me more happy then some UV rays hitting my pale skin! Even if it is only 45 degrees out there!

5. Talking to my mom on the phone and hearing my dog Jack howling and singing in the background! Words cannot describe how much I love that boy!

Hope your Friday is just as Fantastic! ♥

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Top: J.Crew Pants: MICHAEL Michael Kors Shoes: TOMS Watch: Betsey Johnson Purse: Kate Spade Sunglasses: Miu Miu 
I am currently in love with all things monochromatic! I love that you can mix and match items within the same color pallete and pull off such a fun look. I am usually NOT a pink kind of girl, but lately I am loving it! I think it must be this ugly, dreary March weather! What do you think? Too much pink?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back by Popular Demand...

Recently I have had multiple people ask me why I haven't shared anymore of my Single Ward stories. Honestly the stories have not been lacking, but more like I have been slacking. SOO...Back by Popular Demand here are some stories that happened this past Sunday! Just keep in mind that it was Fast & Testimony meeting this week...


Before the bishop had even sat down a kid basically was sprinting to the podium to be the first person to give his testimony...At least that is what we thought. He started off by saying "I want to give a shout out and a prayer to all of those affected by the tornadoes that have hit in the Midwest. And while we are at it lets just give a prayer to the entire WORLD!" He then when on to say that since the bishopric has never asked him to speak he thought he would just make his testimony into a talk. He went all out reading from the Ensign and spoke for a good 15 minutes. But my favorite part was when he started quoting Blink 182 lyrics!

WORST moment of my Sunday actually happened multiple times. Someone in very near proximity to us decided that it would be totally fine to let the gas flow! I have brothers, so I know this happens...but this was pure toxic! Ugh...

There were more quotes from Star Wars and of course Superman, but I think my favorite thing that happened was when a girl stood up and said, "As most of you know I have diabetes and it is always hard on fast Sunday because I never know if it is the Spirit telling me to bear my testimony or if my blood sugar is low, because they feel like the same thing!" SERIOUSLY? haha I literally laughed out loud because I couldn't handle it! Who says stuff like that?


I know you are all SO jealous of what I get to experience each and every week! If you ever want to see the action live in person, visitors are always welcome!!  

Monday, March 5, 2012

February Photo-A-Day Challenge

In February I took part in a Photo-A-Day challenge put on by one of my favorite bloggers Fat Mum Slim. It was so much fun, and challenging at times! Here are the pictures I came up with...