Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Favorites

It is FINALLY Friday! I am beyond thrilled for the weekend!
Here are some of my favorite things today...

1. Going shopping after work, and finally seeing The Vow.
Channing Tatum, you will be all mine for 2 hours tonight! 

2. When I go to bed tonight I do not have to set my alarm! Pretty sure sleeping in was the best invention ever! I definitely could use some extra zzzz's!

3. Not having to work the Jazz game tonight because the game starts so early. And I might as well add in the fact that I am also missing an entire week of having to work during Disney On Ice! 1 person can only handle so much of the constant disney music and screaming children!

4. The sun is SHINING!!! This should probably be #1 since nothing makes me more happy then some UV rays hitting my pale skin! Even if it is only 45 degrees out there!

5. Talking to my mom on the phone and hearing my dog Jack howling and singing in the background! Words cannot describe how much I love that boy!

Hope your Friday is just as Fantastic! ♥

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