Monday, April 23, 2012

Joy in the Journey

Simply put. Life is not a race...

Lately this has been hard for me to remember. I feel like everything I do is set at warp speed, Go to work -Go to work after work - do this, do that - remember to eat & sleep! I feel like I am never quite caught up on life. I see people around me that are married, more successful, more spiritual, have more free time, are more fit...the list can go on and on. What I need to do is Stop, take a deep breath and keep living my life!

I have a pretty awesome life! I have amazing family & friends. I have a really good job that I love, and I am proud of the things that I have been able to accomplish in my life so far!

The future is bright and everything happens for a reason! I just need to remember to find JOY in my Journey!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Don't make Monday mad...

Apparently my post yesterday made Monday pretty upset with me! Because of the harsh words I said, karma slapped me right in the face with a TRIPLE overtime Jazz game. Yes you read that right...TRIPLE! Monday took that little complaint I had about my 15 hour work day and chuckled as it quickly turned into a 17 hour work day! 

It turns out that Delonte West was having a case of the Mondays as well...
Thugs I tell you! The Mavericks are a bunch of thugs! WHO DOES THAT?
Anyways...My boys played hard and they pulled out the W! I was extremely proud!

 In the haze of this crazy day I managed to take some pictures.
My Denim, Mint Skinnies and Loafers made me feel better about my never ending day!
This is basically how my day felt...BIG FAT BLUR!

I am going to end by saying this...Tuesday, you are my Best Friend! I love that I get to share this day with you! ♥

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Monday...

You just wanted to make sure it was one of THOSE days didn't you?
You made me leave my warm, cozy bed this morning at 5:30 am, You made the sun shine so I would have to sit at my desk and daydream about basking in it's rays, and I am pretty sure you had something to do with the fact that I spilled my lunch on my new skirt today! Oh...and of course you are topping it all off with the fact that it is another 15 hour work day for me! 

But I will not let you get me down! You want to know why? Because Monday means there are only 4 more days until THIS movie comes out!
Yes! Everything bad about you has been squashed by the fact that Nicholas Sparks has done it again & Zac Efron is looking pretty dang fabulous!
Bring it Monday ♥

Friday, April 13, 2012

It's the little things...

*Making a run to Hobby Lobby on my way home from work to buy all things needed for a project I know NOTHING about! Thank you YouTube...Cross Stitching doesn't know what hit em'

*Cooking a home cooked meal just for myself!

*Rocking out the most UG-LEE man sweats you've ever seen! Derek Morgan & the rest of Criminal Minds team doesn't care what I look like while catching up on their episodes!

Thursdays never looked so good! ♥

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

8 more games left...

During the Jazz season I get so caught up with work that I forget how much I love my little hobbies! I have always LOVED scrapbooking, and since I am horrible at keeping a journal I feel like this is the best way for me to keep track of the big and even small events in my life! Instagram has also been a great outlet for my inner creativity during my 15 hour work days! 

I recently took an entire Saturday off with my mom and our friend Shannon to scrapbook...coincidentally I used only pictures I had taken with Instagram...Here is what I came up with!

Obviously I love craft paper backgrounds, and it is impossible for me to use more than 1 picture at a time! I really REALLY try to squeeze another one in just doesn't work! And of course I must document my love of Shoes, Diet Dr. Pepper & Lip gloss! 

Good news people...there are only 8 more Jazz games left (unless they make the playoffs) in the season! Then it is just my 9 to 5 job and LOTS of free time to have my domestic goddess come out in full force! There will be lots of scrapbooking, sewing and baking in your near future! ♥ 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hair Funk

Lately my hair has been in a funk!
The length isn't right, it feels thin & honestly I just haven't had the time or energy to put forth the tender, loving care that it deserves! SO...from this weekend on I am vowing to show my hair how much it means to me.
And thanks to my one TRUE love Pinterest I have found the following ideas that I am going to try!

1. Beach Waves
2. Half up with a Twist
3. Double braid with Sock Bun
4. Turban type headband with a Messy Bun
5. Waterfall Braid 

I think with some practice these will all be manageable for my
 not quite short, not quite long ugly length hair!

For more fun hair ideas that I am loving at the moment check out my 'awesome locks' board on Pinterest! Just click on my pinterest link to the left...and wha la! Also check out the wonderful Stephanie Brinkerhoff at for awesome tutorials and ideas like the #5 Waterfall Braid that I am obsessed with!

Everyone cross your fingers that this hair funk ends quickly! It could be scary for all if it does not! haha ♥

Monday, April 2, 2012

Man of Nature

After a beautiful week of 70+ degree weather followed by a bitter 30 degrees when I woke up this morning, I am starting to think that 'Mother Nature' is not a woman but in fact a man! My reasoning behind this assumption is that if she really was a woman she would know how SICK & TIRED we all are of wearing tights to work!

Last week was a tease! I pulled out all of my Spring and Summer outfits, my sandals and open-toe shoes...needless to say it was like Christmas morning around my house. Now it feels like the day after Christmas and I have to go return all of my presents! Not Cool!

So Mr. Man of are not fooling anyone with this blue sky!
I think it is time that you go back in your cave and listen to that song by Beyonce...Who Runs the World?
Oh yeah...that's right Girls! ♥