Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Don't make Monday mad...

Apparently my post yesterday made Monday pretty upset with me! Because of the harsh words I said, karma slapped me right in the face with a TRIPLE overtime Jazz game. Yes you read that right...TRIPLE! Monday took that little complaint I had about my 15 hour work day and chuckled as it quickly turned into a 17 hour work day! 

It turns out that Delonte West was having a case of the Mondays as well...
Thugs I tell you! The Mavericks are a bunch of thugs! WHO DOES THAT?
Anyways...My boys played hard and they pulled out the W! I was extremely proud!

 In the haze of this crazy day I managed to take some pictures.
My Denim, Mint Skinnies and Loafers made me feel better about my never ending day!
This is basically how my day felt...BIG FAT BLUR!

I am going to end by saying this...Tuesday, you are my Best Friend! I love that I get to share this day with you! ♥

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