Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back by Popular Demand...

Recently I have had multiple people ask me why I haven't shared anymore of my Single Ward stories. Honestly the stories have not been lacking, but more like I have been slacking. SOO...Back by Popular Demand here are some stories that happened this past Sunday! Just keep in mind that it was Fast & Testimony meeting this week...


Before the bishop had even sat down a kid basically was sprinting to the podium to be the first person to give his testimony...At least that is what we thought. He started off by saying "I want to give a shout out and a prayer to all of those affected by the tornadoes that have hit in the Midwest. And while we are at it lets just give a prayer to the entire WORLD!" He then when on to say that since the bishopric has never asked him to speak he thought he would just make his testimony into a talk. He went all out reading from the Ensign and spoke for a good 15 minutes. But my favorite part was when he started quoting Blink 182 lyrics!

WORST moment of my Sunday actually happened multiple times. Someone in very near proximity to us decided that it would be totally fine to let the gas flow! I have brothers, so I know this happens...but this was pure toxic! Ugh...

There were more quotes from Star Wars and of course Superman, but I think my favorite thing that happened was when a girl stood up and said, "As most of you know I have diabetes and it is always hard on fast Sunday because I never know if it is the Spirit telling me to bear my testimony or if my blood sugar is low, because they feel like the same thing!" SERIOUSLY? haha I literally laughed out loud because I couldn't handle it! Who says stuff like that?


I know you are all SO jealous of what I get to experience each and every week! If you ever want to see the action live in person, visitors are always welcome!!  

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