Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Go Jazz Baby!

Wow I am really slacking...It has been over a week since my last blog post! I will pretend that you have missed me (even though I am sure you didn't even notice my absence! RUDE!!)

My life has been super busy lately! Between my job at Zions and working at all of the Jazz games I haven't had time for much else! And to top it all off...The Jazz made it to the Playoffs! I am actually really happy about it! Not so much about the fact that I have to work more, but I am happy for my boys! They really deserved it! This is a shout out to you Paul...I know you ♥ me deep down in your heart!

The other night after the Jazz knew they had officially made the Playoffs Enes Kanter decided to give a little speech for all of us lucky Jazz fans! Pretty sure it was my favorite moment of the entire season...Oh except for that time Paul said Hi to me in the hall...that definitely wins!
Enes Kanter you are officially my hero!  


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