Monday, June 11, 2012

an ode to my childhood

I am old. There I said it.

You know you are old when the things that were in style when you were a kid are now back in style. Acid wash jeans, Denim Shirts, Neon everything...seriously how did these already make that full circle to be hip again? When Overalls come back in style I am officially giving up!

Gone are the days of Mr. Rogers, Reading Rainbow and Today's Special. I was talking to my mom about them last night and my little sister looked at me like I was CRazY! I think she is the crazy can you NOT know who Mr. Rogers is? Seriously!

So as an ode to my favorite old man in a cardigan, here is the YouTube video that has been flying around the internet all week. I may or may not have gotten misty eyed watching it...but I am old, so give me a break!

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