Monday, August 13, 2012

Twenty Seven?! #$%*

In 53 short days I will be turning 27. HOW did this happen?

27 was the age that I couldn't even comprehend a couple of years ago, now it is knocking on my backdoor! Really it is still like 7 weeks away...but I can't help thinking about it, and I can't help think about what I have done during year 26! Everything kind of becomes a blur, but a lot has happened! Here are my highlights...(in no particular order! And I know I am missing tons!)

1. Took a road trip with my dad and watched my Patriots play against his Broncos! First NFL game, and hopefully NOT my last!
2. Survived the NBA lockout, followed by 4 months of endless basketball games!
3. Paul Millsap said hi to me in the tunnels of the ESA! ♥
4. I had a Valentine! (first one since like 9th grade!)
5. I learned how to golf & bought my own set of golf clubs!
6. My family bought a boat and we have been learning all the ropes!
7. I got up wake boarding on my very first try!
8. Took a road trip to Vegas
9. In September I will go to Lake Powell for my very first time ever!
10. I bought a new car!

There are soo many things that I still want to go do, see and learn! But the good thing about birthdays...there isn't a timeline to get things done! I can still travel, save money, exercise more WHATEVER even after I turn 27! But in the mean time I am going to relish in the last 53 days of being 26!

Ohhh...And did I tell you that my bishop wants to have a "meeting" with all of the girls in our ward who are 25 and older?! Yeah, so glad to be clumped into that group...I can only imagine what this so called meeting will be about! Help us all!!

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