Sunday, January 29, 2012

Adventures in the Singles Ward

So I have decided that I need to start documenting my experiences in the Singles Ward. We just recently changed wards and it is AWFUL! I can't even focus because there are always so many awkward things going on around me! For those of you who have not had the joys of experiencing this fabulousness I hope I can paint a clear picture for you....


Church started off with my roommates and I running into church late. Luckily there was a bench in the back of the chapel that was empty, because most weeks we make the grand entrance and are forced to walk to the front as everyone is staring at us! Sacrament starts and everything is going good. The first speaker is the only cute guy in our entire ward, which may have helped us actually pay attention. 
The next 2 speakers seemed to drag on and on and on...
During these 2 speakers Michelle and I started to notice all of the awkwardness going on around us. It got to be too much and it took all we had not to start laughing out loud!

Awkward moment #1: the three people having a VERY LOUD conversation while everyone is trying to listen to the speakers. This happens every week in all 3 meetings. I personally find it so rude, but they seem to be having a grand ole' time!

Awkward moment #2: the guy sitting behind us sucking up snot every 5 seconds. This was no ordinary was a full blown gargle that started from his throat and ended probably at the top of his brain! DISGUSTING!

Awkward moment #3: Our ward has decided that once Sacrament Meeting is over they will have each of the committee chair members come up and make announcements for the upcoming week. This in its self is awkward. We have had engaged couples come up & invite us to their weddings, a guy come up and do a dance and then tell us that he lost a bet...the list goes on & on! But today's awkward moment was when someone announced the wrong date for an activity and a girl proceeded to yell from her seat in the congregation the correct date. Apparently people find this normal...?

Awkward moment #4: The same girl that yelled in Sacrament decided to give us a reminder on this activity during Sunday School. And I quote, "we will be meeting at the church at 7:30 and all that CRAP." This may seem insignificant but when you go from that to a lesson that is supposed to be about the Savior I find that just a tad bit inappropriate.  


I know there were many more awkward moments but that is all I can think of at the moment. Needless to say I have never wanted to get married or do anything I can to get out of the singles ward. I feel like I go a little more crazy each week and I am just happy that I at least have my roommates to share this experience with! If you ever feel like your ward is bad, please feel free to visit mine one day...You will never feel that way again! Haha


  1. we recently had a young man get up and tell us that having children causes divorce. it was awesome.

    let's hang out!

  2. Love it! Why do people have to be so awkward? haha

    Yes we need to hang out soon!! Let's plan a day!