Monday, January 16, 2012

I Have A Dream...

Today is Martin Luther King Day, and I cannot help but feel gratitude for this amazing man. This particular speech is such an inspiration to me and I love how powerful his words are. He saw and had to live through so many horrible things, and the fact that he was still willing and able to stand up for what he believed in is why he is that inspiration. He had unwavering faith that our nation could turn around, and that people could change their way of thinking to make this a better country for all people. It is because of him and many many others that people like my family can be where we are today! 

I know that this country is definitely not where it should be yet. There are still many people who judge others by the color of their skin, instead of judging them by their character. There are still people who look at my family and do not understand it. But to me, my family is no different than yours. Black, White, Brown, Yellow, doesn't matter! I think we should all take a minute today and reflect on the things that really matter in life! I think we should change the way we think about others and the situations they are in. Martin Luther King Jr. died for his cause. He died trying to show his children that they could have a better way of life, that no matter what they wanted to be when they grew up it could be possible. I hope each of us will ponder the meaning of this day, and not just look at it as another day off from work! Thank you Dr. King for being such an amazing example!

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